Meet our Team

The biotechnology sector is a paradigm of the knowledge economy where Human capital is at the basis of the creation of a collective intangible stock: science, expertise, creativity and self-confidence. These elements are the combination of the contributions attributable to each of the collaborators, and therefore, a stock that can be accumulated and used.

At ORYZON we are convinced that this Human Capital thus created benefits:

  • our company, which has the challenge of competition in this global sector
  • the worker, who is both the creator and the recipient of this capital
  • the society of our country, that gathers the competitiveness gains generated by a growing collectivity of highly-trained professionals.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)
Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer in Spain (CFO)
Chief Intellectual Property Officer (CIPO)
Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
Vice President of Clinical and Product Development
Chief of Clinical Operations
Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)

Board Members

President (Executive Director)
First Deputy President (Executive Director)
Board Member (Dominical Director)
Board Member (Independent Director)
Board Member (Independent Director)
Board Member (Independent Director)

Scientific Advisory Board